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Shipping Guarantee

Get peace of mind for your shipments with Shipping Guarantee. With just a few clicks, you can book a secured slot for your container on your desired vessel. And get your shipment to its destination on time.

Because we know that especially during peak shipping periods when vessels are full and there is intense competition for space, it can be stressful for you. With Shipping Guarantee, you do not have to worry about your container getting rolled from your selected voayage anymore.

Just book your Shipping Guarantee, your "no-roll" option, after having placed a booking via our Web Booking and do not be concerned about getting that last slot for your container anymore.  

Shipping Guarantee is currently available for our customers on selected services for a limited contingent, i.e. selected scopes from Asia outbound and for shipments from India to Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Shipping Guarantee Key Facts

All terms can be found at Terms & Conditions of Transport.



Get your Shipping Guarantee in 2 simple Steps

  1. After submitting your online booking click on "Check out Shipping Guarantee"
  2. Review the Shipping Guarantee fees, agree the terms & conditions and click "Purchase Shipping Guarantee"
If you have already placed your booking and want to purchase a Shipping Guarantee directly, please click here.

Afterwards, you will receive a booking confirmation that includes the Shipping Guarantee. And, most importantly, your peace of mind.



Currently the shipping guarantee is only available in selected countries and on selected services. During the booking process the Shipping Guarantee is only applicable for shipments meeting the pilot scope. The pilot scope will be adjusted during the pilot phase. The current scope is as follows:

  • Asia to North Europe
  • Asia to South Europe
  • Asia to North America (incl. USA/CA)
  • Asia to Latin America (incl. MX, Caribbean, West- and East Coast)
  • India to North Europe
  • India to South Europe
  • India to Africa
  • India to Middle East

The Shipping Guarantee can only be purchased up until 3 days prior voyage departure.

Shipping Guarantee shipments will not be rolled to another main voyage at the Port of Loading, except for rollings due to Force Majeure. The guarantee is not applicable for carrier haulages services and subject to equipment availability.

With the Shipping Guarantee customers can secure a guaranteed container load for the full sea transport including transshipment ports.

The fees are always in Sea freight currency and can be reviewed during the booking process. The current fees can be found under Trade Surcharges.

In case the container is rolled, the shipper is entitled to a compensation in the amount of the Freight Charges for this particular shipment (excluding all surcharges and/or local charges) for the first roll caused by the carrier. The compensation shall only be set off against any sums due and payable by the shipper for the shipment connected to the Shipping Guarantee. The compensation will not be credited to any future shipments, also in case the shipper cancels the shipment after the roll.

The Shipping Guarantee is further subject to meeting all relevant cut-off times by the Merchant. In case any cut-off times are not met by the shipper or in case of a booking cancellation by the shipper, the shipper shall pay a cancellation fee calculated from the amount of the Freight Charges for this particular shipment (excluding all surcharges and/or local charges) (“Cancellation Fee”) using the table below.

Cancellation in Days prior Full Cargo Load Cut Off Cancellation Fee
>14 0%
>7 and <= 14 50%
<= 7 95%

If cut-off times are not met by the shipper the Cancellation Fee is 95%. However the shipper may in any case show that a damage to Hapag-Lloyd has either not occurred or is substantially less than the lump sum. If the shipper instructs the Carrier to roll the shipment to another voyage the Shipping Guarantee will cease and the Shipping Guarantee Fee will not be charged.

The Shipping Guarantee will be confirmed by an updated booking confirmation stating the Shipping Guarantee.

The Shipping Guarantee is only confirmed by the booking confirmation indicating the Shipping Guarantee. In case the booking is not confirmed no Shipping Guarantee Fee will be charged.

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