Service: Reports

Service: Reports

Here you have the ability to get all your new bookings and the in-transit visibility of your containers as the container events change. You can get this information via reports.

Available reports are:

  • Load List Report 
  • Booking Report 
  • Container Discharge
  • Container In-Gate
  • Container Out-Gate

Selection field: Report

Select the desired report from the selection list and click at the button 'Find'. Below a section opens showing the respective entry fields of the selected report.

Entry field: Vessel, Voyage, Military Voyage

At least one of these fields has to be filled in. Mandatory for all reports.

Entry fields: Date from / Date to

Mandatory for all reports.

Entry fields: Booking Type

Default  = All

Mandatory for all reports.

There will be a selection of other fields for the shipper depending on the authorization. Fill in the fields.

Button: Send

Creates the report. If the report is successfully created a confirmation message will be shown.
Press the button 'Back' to return to the report screen.

The requested report will be sent to you as Excel-file via e-mail.

Service: Reports

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