Service: Dangerous Goods Details

Service: Dangerous Goods Details

On this screen dangerous cargo information may be displayed or updated.

Entry field: Technical Name (PNC)

Technical name of dangerous good given by the customer. This field is mandatory.

Entry field: IMO Class

A number given by the customer and laid down in the 'International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code' which corresponds to one of the 9 classes of dangerous goods (according to the legal requirements for the transport of dangerous goods by sea). This field is mandatory.

Entry field: IMO-UN-Number

Unique serial number for dangerous goods which has been allocated by the UN to specific substances and goods and is in a list of goods most often shipped. This field is mandatory.

Entry field: ERG-No

The Emergency Response Guide is a reference volume listing measures to be taken in the case of accidents with dangerous goods. The number is the number of the page in the Guide which  refers to this cargo. 

Entry field: Packing group

This information from the customer is obligatory in the case of dangerous goods. Packing group within the dangerous goods class to which this cargo is allocated. Packing group 1 contains the most dangerous materials, packing group 3 the least dangerous. The criterion for allocating the dangerousness of the material varies within the each danger class.

Entry field: Quantiy per Container

Amount of pieces of the respective container. This field is mandatory.

Entry field: Description

Technical description of the outer packing of hazardous cargo. This field is mandatory.

Entry field: UN-Packing Code

Code for the representation of the package type names. Reference Recommendation No. 21 of the WP. 4 of the UN/ECE - last update 2002-04-21. This field is mandatory.

Entry field: Emerg.Tel.No.

This information from the customer is mandatory if the dangerous cargo is loaded, carried or discharged in North America. (State 2005: For the time being it is needed for the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico). It is a telephone number in America which must always be obtainable and which can be used for passing on the necessary information about handling that cargo in an emergency. This field is mandatory. Please enter the country calling code, the area or city code and the subscriber number.

Entry field: Aggregation State

Physical state of a good at the time of shipping or transport. This information is requested from the customer so as to distinguish between cargoes which are the same, apart from their state of matter. This field is mandatory.

Entry field: Marine Pollutant

Identifies whether a leakage of the dangerous cargo would cause marine pollution.  

Entry field: Flashpoint

Flashpoint of the cargo in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, according to the customer. It is possible to specify the flashpoint in Fahrenheit, but the input is converted internally to degrees Celsius and stored in the database.

Then this value is read from the database and - to be displayed in this field - is converted back to degrees Fahrenheit. So slight differences to the input are possible.

Checkbox: Limited Quantity

This field indicates that the Proper Shipping Name is supplemented with the statement 'Limited Quantity': 
Under certain conditions, dangerous cargo may be shipped as "LIMITED QUANTITIES" (see relevant sections in the IMDG-CODE and/or USA-49CFR).

Button: Cancel

Returns to the calling screen without saving changes.

Button: Refresh

Refresh of DG with the last stored data.

Button: Confirm

The changes will be saved.

Button: Save

The changes will be saved.

Service: Dangerous Goods Details

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