USA – Booking Requirements: Quotation / Contract Number

We continuously aim to streamline our booking process to improve the service quality we offer to you as our valued customer.
To serve you better with faster booking response time and to maintain high levels of invoice accuracy, we request that you provide the valid quotation or contract (rate agreement) number when placing your booking request.  This number will be used as the basis for your booking and therefore, is quite important.
The valid Quotation or Contract (Rate Agreement) Number

  • Should be correct and issued by us
  • Must not be expired and must be valid for the first CY cutoff
  • Should match the booking details such as commodity, origin & destination, equipment size/type

If the quotation number is not provided or falls outside of the above criteria, the booking request will be cancelled and you will be asked to provide a valid number under a new booking request.
Important details to include in all bookings requests:

  • Valid MR Code (Named Account if applicable) / Quotation number / Rate agreement number / in the designated online or EDI contract fields
    • EDI platform format:  MR / CONTRACT (e.g. ABCDEF 123 / 4682727)
  • Full contact details of USA booking party (name, phone and e-mail address)
  • Routing, including requested vessel and schedule dates.
  • Carrier’s haulage: 
    • Loading address, positioning date(s) and mode of transport - not accepted as free text.
    • Loading references and valid telephone / email / contact party.
  • Merchant’s haulage: Pick-up date(s) and, if applicable, indicate shipper’s owned equipment and provide the relevant container number(s).
  • Container size / type and quantity
  • Cargo weight, and commodity description (please note that we cannot accept FAK, GDSM, General Cargo or Trade names)
  • Requirements for special cargo:
    • Reefer: Temperature in Degrees Celsius and Vent settings (air exchange)
    • Out-Of-Gauge (OOG): Cargo Dimensions (L/W/H)
    • DG Details: Confirmation if DG and please email export customer service your preliminary hazardous declaration.

We are committed to our journey to deliver reliability on our promises.  With your support, we can achieve these goals together.

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