Direct Booking: User guide

At this User Guide you find information on how you can use our Direct Booking service.

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Search Booking

shows you a list with all your active bookings. Limit your booking list by searching with your personal reference, your TCN or booking number.

Create Booking

provides you an online booking form where you can create, update and finally book your transport request directly via web. Define the haulage, contact information and places of acceptance and delivery besides container and cargo related information. Select an appropriate route from a list with possible routing alternatives for your transport. Specify the amount and type of containers and define the cargo with TCN and temperatures - if necessary. Dangerous goods can be defined on a separate screen.

Search Template

shows you a list with your template bookings.
Templates are your sample bookings that can be used as a pattern to generate a real booking.

Create Template

gives you the opportunity to define your own template bookings that can be used as a pattern for similar recurring transport requests.
This handling saves your time and makes your booking feature even easier to use.


Here you can create various reports regarding your bookings, e.g. Container load lists, Booking lists, Container Discharge, In-Gate and Out-Gate lists.

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