User Guide: Tracing Subscription

With this service, you can subscribe and administer container tracing messages.
Whenever a change to the subscribed container status events happens in the Hapag-Lloyd system, an e-mail message is sent to the subscriber. To activate this service, please select the desired container status event(s) by ticking the checkbox and then pressing the "Save" button.

Attention: A change here affects all your registered colleagues. Please make sure that you can make changes here.

For explanation: Your company has only one profile, which applies to each of the registered recipients.
Your e-mail address will be filled in checking the checkbox next to the e-mail address and pressing the Save button. Then you will receive e-mail notifications by this service.

Tracing Events

Your container passes many locations during a shipment. Whenever an important milestone
is reached, a container Status Event message is generated.

Gate out at Depot:
The container has left the container depot

Gate in at Terminal:
The container has left the container depot

Load on Vessel:              
The container has been loaded onto the indicated vessel

Vessel Departures:
The vessel has been departed from loadport

Vessel Arrivals:
The vessel arrived at the port of discharge

Discharged from Vessel:
The container has been discharged from vessel.

Gate out at Terminal:  
The container has left the terminal

Returned to Depot:
The container returned to the container depot

Schedule Adjustments exceeding

Enter the hours from which you want to be informed about schedule adjustments for:

  • Vessel Departure Adjustments exceeding  
  • Vessel Arrival Adjustments exceeding

Distribution List

The Distribution List displays all eMail addresses receiving tracing notifications within your company.

Error Message

If you see the following error message, the subscriptions are maintained by Hapag-Lloyd. For technical reasons, it is not possible to change them in our Online Business.

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