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Mexico – Inland Service Recommendation

The recent challenges in truck availability in Mexico are demanding special attention and Hapag-Lloyd is working on maximizing utilization of trailers. Our transport services are using double trailers (one truck two chassis) and this is also the condition for the rates we offer to our customers at this time.
In case the service needs to be done on single basis, it will be subject to equipment, truck availability and respecting additional conditions as follows below.
It is important to respect the weight limits allowed by the inland haulage service is in tandem basis, inland service within Mexico has weight restrictions as follows:

A. Truck Mexican Territory

  • Full / Tandem: Container 20’, 40’ y RF’s: 23 tons (cargo) 
  • Single*:            Container 20’ / 40’s: 26 tons (cargo)
    Container RF: 23 tons (cargo)

B. Truck Area Ensenada

  • Full / Tandem: Container 20’, 40’ y RF’s: 21 tons (cargo)
  • Single*: Container 20’, 40’ y RF’s: 23 tons (cargo) 
  • *Single movement is subject to:
             -Truck equipment availability in single basis
              (one truck and one platform or chassis)
             -Additional surcharge of 50% over inland rate
             -If single trailer is requested, please do check with Hapag-Lloyd Mexico or your
              sales contact before it is committed.

C. Rail to ramp only

  • Container 20’: 23 tons (cargo)
  • Container 40’: 26 tons (cargo) 
  • Rail companies might accept higher cargo weight in 20’ containers (without exceeding the container payload) but subject to a 25% surcharge over the inland rate.

D. Combined Rail (rail and truck local delivery)

  • Container 20’: 23 tons (cargo)
  • Container 40’: 26 tons (cargo)
  • Local delivery Container 20’: 23 tons (cargo)
  • Local delivery Container 40’: 26 tons (cargo) 
  • Weight mentioned above can be considered on local delivery from rail ramp to the final destination as long as the location is within the metropolitan area and does not exceed 30 km distance from the rail ramp. Otherwise, criteria as in item “A” must be considered.

This is a federal regulation, applicable within the Mexican Territory for both, rail and road transportation.
Conditions regarding our inland service can be found in our web site. For further information, please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office.

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