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Philippines - Price Announcement for Peak Season Surcharge

Further to our previous announcement of November 23, 2018 we continue to see a very high demand into locations in the Philippines, which as a result is creating a backlog of cargo in the transshipment hubs, as well as worsening the congestion both inside the terminals and with vessels waiting for a berth.

In view of this development, we need to adjust our position on the already announced Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) to extend its application to all inbound cargo into ALL ports in the Philippines as follows:

From all trade origins, now including from North America, into the Philippines, effective from January 1, 2019 as set out below:

Charge Description Charge Code Currency Charge Amount/ Application

Peak Season Surcharge

(From Asia, Middle East,
Oceania, Africa, Europe,  North America , Central- and Latin America)

PSS USD 250 per TEU

The Ocean Tariff rates as well as Bunker-related surcharges, Security-related surcharges, Terminal Handling Charges (THCs) remain unchanged respectively as announced and can be found here.

Other local charges and contingency surcharges may apply in addition.

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