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North America Westcoast / Oceania - Additional Vessel for WSN Service

In an effort to further enhance overall schedule reliability, we are glad to announce the introduction of an additional 9th vessel to our North America Westcoast / Oceania Service (WSN).

Accordingly, MV "Debussy" Voy. 932N will shortly be phased in with the arrival at Sydney, Australia on August 2, 2019.

The addition of a 9th vessel to our WSN Service will provide additional buffer time in case of delays and greatly assist to avoid future port omissions if we experience poor weather conditions or other unforeseen schedule disruptions.

Our Port coverage will be maintained with the following rotation:

  • Pacific North West Loop (PNW)

Sydney - Melbourne - Adelaide - Tauranga - Oakland - Seattle - Vancouver - Long Beach - Auckland - Sydney

  • Pacific South West Loop (PSW)

Sydney - Melbourne -Tauranga - Papeete - Oakland - Long Beach - Auckland - Sydney

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Liner Services

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