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US Export - Documentation for Hazardous Residue to Belgium

It is our aim to continuously improve our products as well as our service to you. This includes the correct and timely preparation of your Shipping Instructions for hazardous empty/residue tanks destined to Belgium.

Implemented as from June 2018, it is mandatory to report all Shipper owned containers to Customs Authorities in Belgium even when they are empty or only contain residue.

The possibility exists to report containers as "empty". Shipper owned containers with a gross weight of 100kg or less will be reported to Customs as empty containers and automatically be released by Customs.

No Customs formalities are required from the receiver/importer contingent upon the fact that the Shipping Instructions are submitted properly so that the Bill of Lading/Manifest can be adequately reported to Belgium Customs.

As such, empty/residue tank containers must be declared utilizing the net weight (residue weight) only. Tare weight is not to be considered and only net weight can be shown on the Bill of Lading.

For US Exports (excluding Long Beach Documentation Office), please submit your Shipping Instructions showing only the net/residue weight below 100kgs to [email protected] so that your Bill of Lading can be manifested properly.

Failure to provide proper Shipping Instructions in line with above requirements may result in delayed Bill of Lading draft and possible Customs fines at destination, which would be for account of the customer concerned.

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