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Discover the Benefits of our new Customer Dashboard

Making promises is one thing, but keeping them is another. In recent months, we have presented four new quality promises to you – and there are six more to come. But, in the mean-time, we can ask: Are we keeping the promises we have made so far?

We have put a lot of thought and effort into finding the best way to share the data we are collecting on our performance with all our customers worldwide. Today, we are ready to unveil the result: our new Customer Dashboard, which is unique in the container shipping industry – and which will support us on our way to becoming the “number one for quality” among carriers.

As of today, you can enjoy full transparency and visibility on how we are delivering on each of our quality promises vis-à-vis the targets we have set for ourselves. As a customer, you will gain precise insights into how we have performed with your shipments. But you will also be able to follow where we stand on a global level with all our customers.

Quality is about winning together

We can only reach our quality targets if we perform at our best with each individual shipment. But, as part of this “virtual handshake”, we also need your commitment and your full support, especially when it comes to providing accurate information on time, honouring volume and booking commitments, and making payments as agreed and on time. We trust that our partnership, the data and the mutual understanding of our diverse needs will form the basis of our shared success.

With that said, we proudly invite you to check out our new tool – and see for yourself if we are keeping our promises! Log in to the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator to gain quick access to your personal area on our new Customer Dashboard.

As always, thank you for your business. We look forward to making the Customer Dashboard a success for both of us.

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