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Liner Services

Lagos, Nigeria - Service Options

We are happy to provide you with multiple options for your cargo destined for Apapa in Lagos, Nigeria:

  • Our MWX service calls Apapa directly, and connects to our extensive network in Tangier.
  • We can deliver your cargo directly to Apapa using the MIAX service, with transhipment in Tema.
  • Apapa cargo can also be cleared at selected Inland Container Depot's (ICDs), after being discharged from MIAX in Tin Can.

This option features fast transit times, but comes with the extra cost of trucking, payable at destination directly to the vendor by the consignee.

We continue to serve Tin Can directly via the MIAX service, offering fast transit times without additional trucking cost at the destination.

With multiple sailings per week and various delivery options to Apapa, we offer you the choice that suits the needs of your supply chain best, whether directly to Apapa or faster via Tin Can, but with the extra cost of local truck haulage.

Mediterranean West Africa Express (MWX) Service:

Middle East India Africa Express (MIAX) Service

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Liner Services

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