Delivery Order Input

With your cargo planning in mind, we would like to remind you of the following steps for your containers' delivery:

  • Ensure that you have sent the original Bill of Lading to the Hapag Lloyd address indicated in your arrival notice.
  • Ensure that the respective payment of the amount specified in your invoice is paid via Pay Cargo.  Physical checks are no longer accepted in our offices. A manual check fee will be applied to any exceptions.
  • Verify that the cargo has been cleared by customs.
  • Confirm if the delivery address is able to receive the container within the applicable free time.
  • To find the Last Free Day of your shipment please visit the Import Overview section of our website.
  • To find the applicable tariff free time please visit the Detention & Demurrage section online or click on the following link:   

     Canada Import Detention and demurrage  


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