Quiz: How much do you know about shipping blood plasma?

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So, how much do you know about shipping? Here, you’ll find a puzzle to solve every month. This month it is about high-value cargo, which is defined as cargo that is valued over a specific dollar amount and therefore needs special attention. This could be high-priced electronics or pharmaceuticals that need to be shipped in temperature-controlled conditions. Blood plasma is also temperature-sensitive.

At which temperature blood plasma has to be transported?

a) -5 degrees
b) -10 degrees
c) -20 degrees

Please send us your answers by email to [email protected] and enter to win the "seafarers" book from Patrick Ludolph. The closing date for entries is July 27, 2018. As always, you’ll find out the answer in the next issue.

Answer to the previous issue’s puzzle: Chief of a royal household (Answer a).

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