Quiz: How much do you know about the shipping industry?

Take part and win the "Seafarers" coffee table book from the photographer Patrick Ludolph.

So, how much do you know about shipping? Answer our quiz and test your knowledge every month. This time let’s talk about the norwegian mackerel season. As soon as Norwegian fishermen cast their trawl and purse seine nets or long-lines, Hapag-Lloyd in Norway starts making its own preparations. The tasty fish is a valuable export good and especially popular in Asia and a ‘must’ for every Japanese in their favorite dish Sushi. But do you know ...

in which waters the mackerel lives?

a) Black Sea, North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea

b) Pacific Ocean, Black Sea

c) North Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean                                                                                                                                                

Please send us your answers by email to [email protected] and enter to win the "seafarers" book from Patrick Ludolph. The closing date for entries is November 23, 2018. As always, you’ll find out the answer in the next issue.

Answer to the previous issue’s quiz: Kenyan exports (Answer b).

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