Quiz: So, how much do you know about shipping?

Here, you’ll find a puzzle to solve every month. This month’s quiz question is about the shipping industry in general.

The global commercial shipping industry ensures that we can eat South American fruit in Europe, buy electrical appliances from Asia in North America, or drink African coffee in Australia. Compared to other modes of transport, shipping is not only more efficient and eco-friendly, but also more economical.

But do you know what percentage of global trade is transacted via ocean-going vessels?

a) about 20%
b) about 50%
c) about 90%

Please send us your answers by email to [email protected] and enter to win the "seafarers" book from Patrick Ludolph. The closing date for entries is May 27, 2019. As always, you’ll find out the answer in the next issue.

Answer to the previous issue’s quiz: steel, wood, bamboo (answer c)

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