No more waiting for rates: How Quick Quotes is helping BDP International grow

Tempo, tempo, tempo – that seems to be Ertugrul Kose’s motto. “The most important factors in our job are speed and efficiency. We have to answer our customers fast,” stresses the Ocean Export Manager in the branch of BDP International in Izmir, Turkey

BDP International is a leading American logistics service provider with 148 locations worldwide. The company, which has been owner-managed for 52 years, can look back on a history of breathtaking growth. Requests for quotations and requested quantities have recently skyrocketed. Decisions had to be made on how to manage the ever-increasing volume of business, particularly with regard to freight rate processes.

This naturally also applies to the Izmir location. “We have a very efficient procurement infrastructure,” Kose says. A power purchasing system – or PPS, for short – supplies data on rates for regular transports and for spot business, he continues, adding that the system “is continuously updated so that we always have the latest rates available.” However, until recently, there was a troubling bottleneck. “We always lost a lot of time when we had to request quotes from shipping companies via email,” Kose says.

Hapag-Lloyd’s new, super-fast online quotation tool Quick Quotes arrived for the busy export manager at just the right time. “We now use Quick Quotes for spot shipments, but also for regular transports,” he continues.

In any case, for his colleagues in Izmir, who alone have to answer around 500 enquiries a week, Hapag-Lloyd’s innovation has become indispensable. The Quick Quotes screen is now usually open all day on their computer monitors, reliably displaying the real-time rates. And Kose is convinced of this: “Quick Quotes will be a constant pillar of our growth, and we won’t lose any more time waiting for rates.”

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