Faster turnaround times all around - what our customer Morgan King likes about Quick Quotes

We recently spoke with Morgan King, Regional Manager BC at Manitoulin Global Forwarding, about the challenges of getting ocean rates from carriers and his positive experiences with Quick Quotes.

Can you briefly describe your business and your role in it?

Manitoulin Global Forwarding is a Canadian-owned freight forwarder with offices across Canada as well as in the US and Mexico. I take care of our two offices in the Vancouver, BC, area: Manitoulin Global Forwarding (MGF) and Canfleet Logistics. MGF handles our airfreight and ocean imports, while Canfleet takes care of export ocean with a major focus on commodities, such as forestry products, agricultural goods, reefer cargoes, mining products, some scrap products, etc. My role is to oversee both the sales and operations of the two offices, with a strong focus on an ongoing positive customer experience, while continuing to grow our business and brand in British Columbia.

How do you usually get freight rates from carriers? What are the main challenges involved?

The main way to get ocean pricing continues to be email for the most part. Without a doubt, this is the primary form of communication in our industry. We obviously have many pre-negotiated contracts for specific lanes, and some carriers quite regularly send out rate sheets or a matrix for certain port pairs and commodities. However, for the most part, everything starts or ends with an email one way or another.

The challenges here are that carriers are fighting what must feel like a never-ending rising tide of emails, and therefore the response times can vary. This will generally depend on how big or small a carrier's sales team is and where it is located in the world. Additionally, time zones can play a big factor and, of course, IT issues or problems can have an impact, too. Requests will pile up, and backlogs can form very quickly.

Morgan King
Morgan King, Regional Manager BC at Manitoulin Global Forwarding

How have your experiences with Hapag Lloyd’s Quick Quotes been? What were your initial thoughts when it first launched?

I would have to say that I have used Quick Quotes a significant amount. When it first launched, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive because I do think that personal relationships with a carrier are important and that it understands our ongoing business and volumes. That said, the speed of Quick Quotes definitely helped me adopt the platform into daily use quite rapidly. My experiences with the platform overall have been great. And, in my opinion, it’s definitely the best option in the market right now.

How do you use Quick Quotes in your daily business operations?

One way or another, I use Quick Quotes basically every day. From an export-pricing perspective, it is a really effective tool to use to get pricing on a request in hand and then over to a customer quickly so they can quote on business themselves. While I don’t want to give away all my tricks, I think it’s safe to say that everyone likes a speedy response, whether you’re a forwarder or a shipper or consignee. I also think the ability to instantly book right after getting the quote is great. Nothing’s worse than waiting 24 to 48 hours for a rate filing just to book.

How do you think Quick Quotes will assist you in growing your business?

Quote Quotes will continue to assist us in growing the business by continuing to provide a large range of port pairs worldwide and for an increasing number of commodity options.

How would you describe Quick Quotes in a single sentence?

“Instant quotes and bookings mean faster turnaround times all around.”

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