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It is very important to us what our customers think of our products and how satisfied they are with them. Therefore, we conduct regular interviews with our clients from all over the world. Recently, we spoke with Dana Dias, Betty Kottadiel, Leroy de Souza, and Avi Gore from the Operations Department of the Canadian company Freight Partners International Inc. about their experience and challenges with Quick Quotes.

Can you please briefly describe your business and your role in the company?

Established in 1999, Freight Partners International Inc. is a Canadian freight forwarder offering logistic services worldwide. We offer our clients all forms of transportation such as Ocean (export/import), Full Container Load, Less than Container Load, Project cargo, Out Of Gauge, Air (export/import), Trucking (both within Canada and cross-border to the USA). Our special focus is on Dangerous Goods cargo.

How do you usually get freight rates from carriers? What are the main challenges in this process?

In today’s fast-paced environment, we are faced with the task and challenge of replying to clients as quickly as possible. This has been made difficult at times as we send out emails to obtain rates and it can take days to receive a reply!

What is your experience with Hapag-Lloyd’s Quick Quotes?

Hapag-Lloyd’s Quick Quotes has been a great asset in allowing us to obtain FAK rates quickly and efficiently.
We can now reply to our clients within minutes of their request!
Our initial thoughts doubts were whether the system was going to work in obtaining of rates in a timely manner. We were apprehensive as to whether the quote online would match once a booking was made.

How do you use Quick Quotes in your daily business?

When we receive requests for new quotes, our go to site is Hapag-Lloyd’s Quick Quotes, allowing us to reply to our clients in an expeditious manner. It is quick and user friendly.

How do you think Quick Quote will assist you in growing your business in the future?

In an ever-changing industry, having the ability to obtain rates quickly allows us to have a quick response time to our clients.

Can you summarize Quick Quotes in one sentence?

Quick Quotes is a convenient, quick and handy tool which allows for faster customer replies


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