Welcome to three new Hapag-Lloyd Captains

For me, being a captain means…

Björn Fischer: ... finally arriving at what I had already imagined as a youngster. I am also proud of my achievement.

Obrzut Wojciech: … the realization of my dreams somehow. I learned for so long and worked almost 20 years to finally be in this position. A captain is a captain.

Hubert Janicki:
…a huge responsibility and the next step in my life. I would never say, it’s my last one. But when I started 20 years ago, I prepared to become a captain, what I am now. It is exciting and gives me a chance to develop.

Where do you have your favorite place on board?

The bridge is still my favourite place. Especially when I'm not on duty. You get a coffee, sit down, look out over the water and enjoy life.

The bridge is the best place. It’s quite, I am alone and I can do my work.

Janicki: I like the forward station outside, because it is very quiet and calm. And of course. I like the bridge. Here you can oversee everything. It is the heard of the vessel.

Hapag-Lloyd has set itself the goal of climate-neutral shipping by 2045. What do you think is your contribution as captain on this journey?

Fischer: My job is to use as little fuel as possible and give feedback to our technical department on shore. Everything we can see and improve ourselves, even every little contribution, helps.

Wojciech: It is my responsibility to choose the proper way to reduce the fuel consumption. The proper way means the good way. What means good way? It is in any given moment to consider with the actual current and weather conditions to choose the most economic and efficient way to the next port.

Janicki: Difficult, because we have sometimes opposite goals to pursue. One is to deliver the cargo on time, the other is with the proper schedule to reduce consumption. A close cooperation with the Chief engineer is important. At times it already helps to switch off equipment, that does not need to be used at the moment.

What should a captain always have with him?

Fischer: Humour and composure.

Wojciech: Good luck - this is always important - and a good mood.

A positive approach. Be open minded, then you can solve problems. But not only that, you simply better connect with the people.

From left to right: Hubert Janicki, Björn Fischer, Obrzut Wojciech

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