Albert Ballin Awards

To mark the centenary of Albert Ballin’s death on November 9, 2018, Hapag-Lloyd established the Albert Ballin Award for Global Action and two Albert Ballin Awards for Globalization Research which will be awarded at regular four-year intervals.

The “Albert Ballin Award for Global Action,” which comes with a €50,000 purse, will be awarded to individuals or institutions whose innovative actions set an example for how to assume social, cultural and political responsibility for our world. The prize aims to honor global initiatives that foster networking and exchanges among peoples and cultures as well as those that advocate on behalf of the victims of globalization.

The two “Albert Ballin Awards for Globalization Research,” each with a €5,000 purse, will be awarded to up-and-coming young academics and researchers whose research broadens and deepens our understanding regarding the opportunities and risks of globalization in an exemplary manner. These two research awards promote innovative and critical projects that use social science, the humanities and cultural studies to investigate the processes and problems of globalization, thereby laying the groundwork for responsible action in the future.  

On the same occasion, Hapag-Lloyd organized the first Albert Ballin Forum Hamburg. The forum is conceived as an interdisciplinary scientific symposium dedicated to reflecting critically on processes of globalization both past and present.

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