Hapag-Lloyd's new Atlantic Product better than ever

Faster transit times, broader port coverage, consistent weekly calls to the East Coast as well as to the Gulf Coast of the United States and direct services to the West Coast of the US and Canada - These are just a few highlights of the new Atlantic product that sets Hapag-Lloyd apart from the competition

The Atlantic Trade has always been a stronghold of Hapag-Lloyd - we have been one of the market leaders ever since we first sailed from Europe to the United States. Now Hapag-Lloyd has enhanced its product to serve the needs of its customers even better.  


“14 weekly Transatlantic sailings in each direction, connecting all coasts in the US, Canada and Mexico with North Europe and the Mediterranean Region, one of the broadest direct port coverages in the Transatlantic market with excellent transit times and the exceptional coverage of Intra-Americas market make our new Atlantic product by far the best that we have ever had here at Hapag-Lloyd,” explains Thilo Trusch, Senior Director Trade Management Atlantic.  


Comprehensive port coverage and multiple departures

Hapag-Lloyd added several new ports such as Vancouver, Tacoma, Philadelphia and Mobile to its Atlantic product and can offer its customers excellent transit times and connectivity due to a smart shuttle loop concept and multiple departures per week from / to key ports like Montreal, Halifax, Savannah, Charleston, Houston and New York.

From North Europe, three weekly calls in New York, non-stop Bremerhaven – New York in 8 days, 5 weekly Canada calls, Mexico non-stop, two times per week Houston, Charleston and Savannah – and a direct service to the entire North America West Coast up to Vancouver.

The new Atlantic Trade Product offers multiple departures from the following ports with the respective services:

Montreal: AT1, AT2, MCA
Halifax: ATA, AL1, AL6, AL7
New York: AL1, AL2, ATA, AL6, AL7, TPI
Norfolk/Portsmouth: AL1, ATA, AL6, AL7, TPI
Charleston: AL2, AL3, TPI
Savannah: AL2, AL5, AL6, AL7, TPI
Houston: AL3, AL4, MGX
New Orleans: AL4, MGX
Veracruz: AL4, MGX
Altamira: AL4, MGX
Los Angeles/Long Beach: MPS, AL5
Oakland: MPS, AL5
Vancouver: MPS, AL5  


With the new AL5 Service Hapag-Lloyd offers the only direct product from North Europe to the West Coast of the US and Canada in the market.

The AL5 Service now extends to Tacoma as well as Vancouver and offers a direct and fast service to Savannah. Calling at the ports of Le Havre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg and Southampton, it provides not only extensive port coverage in Europe as well as in North America but customers also benefit from a wide portfolio of Hapag-Lloyd operated feeder connections throughout Europe. 



Our new Mediterranean portfolio encompasses not only a dedicated loop connecting Italy with Halifax and US East Coast, offering one of the fastest transit times in the market...

...but also a direct service for Eastern Mediterranean and Iberia to US East Coast. The new portfolio is a major product in the market with direct Turkey and Israel calls, and prime Montreal service with excellent cross-border connections to and from US Midwest. Additionally, there is a new direct Southern Italy connection and we offer one of the fastest connections in the market to Florida. Major hubs are in Western Mediterranean and Cartagena which open up opportunities for Latin American, Intra American and African markets. 


Hapag-Lloyd has very strong intermodal abilities by offering a reliable inland haulage product in Europe, USA, Mexico and Canada:
85 trains
per week between the 10 biggest port-ramp combinations in the Atlantic Trade
200,000 truck loads per year from / to the 15 biggest door locations in the Atlantic trade

“Our strengths in customer service, our wide range of intermodal connections and a dedicated feeder network in the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas – all this makes us proud and confident to further increase value for our customers in the Transatlantic trade,” concludes Trusch.

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An overview of Hapag-Lloyd's Atlantic trade product. Find details about inland haulage transportation, North Atlantic and Mediterranean services.

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