Verified Gross Mass (VGM) – SOLAS Regulation

Hapag-Lloyd informs about the new SOLAS convention.

As from July 1, 2016, the new SOLAS regulation will become effective; therefore the packed containers’ VGM will be mandatory for all the units to be loaded onboard our vessels.

The new regulation entails a change in existing procedures for all stakeholders involved across the shipping industry.

Safety concerns have always taken a high priority at Hapag-Lloyd – accordingly it is our responsibility to reduce risks to human life and damages to the cargo and environment due to inaccurately declared weights.

Therefore, a packed container for which a verified weight has not been obtained in time, will not be loaded on board our vessels.

Hapag-Lloyd’s VGM cut-off will vary from port to port, allowing the flexibility required to align the process with specific country and terminal requirements.

To simplify the procedure and provide you with best support and assistance, we are about to implement various system enhancements and services to ensure a seamless interaction through various e-channels and solutions available globally:

  • The local VGM cut-off will be displayed on our webschedule and your Booking Confirmation.
  • Easy submission by entering the VGM through following channels:
    - preferably via the new VGM oriented VERMAS (EDI) message
    - or via existing EDI connections (in e-Shipping Instruction)
    - or via our Hapag-Lloyd website (Online Business)
    - or via portal solutions (such as INTTRA, GT Nexus, CargoSmart)
  • What about the content? We will only ask you to send our HL shipment number, the container number, the VGM and the duly authorized person’s name in capital letters (as signature). No weighing note needs to be submitted.
  • We will assist you in monitoring the VGM status through alerts to ensure timely provision of data needed for your container to be loaded.

Once again, we would like to invite you to become familiar with the regulation, its aim and encourage you to make the necessary arrangements as early as possible.

For further information please visit our website or contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office.

Belongs to


Geographical Scope

  • Americas intra-regional
  • USA - Export
  • Caribbean - Import
  • Canada - Import
  • South America East Coast - Import
  • Central America - Export
  • USA - Import
  • South America East Coast - Export
  • Middle East - Export
  • North Europe (from to Americas) - Import
  • East Asia (from to Europe) - Export
  • Caribbean - Export
  • Indian Subcontinent - Export
  • Middle East - Import
  • Mexico - Export
  • Central America - Import
  • North Europe (from to Asia) - Import
  • Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands - Export
  • Africa (Sub-Sahara) - Import
  • South America West Coast - Export
  • Mediterranean (from to Americas) - Export
  • Asia & Oceania intra-regional
  • Africa (Sub-Sahara) - Export
  • Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands - Import
  • Mediterranean (from/to Asia) - Export
  • East Asia (from to Europe) - Import
  • Mexico - Import
  • North Europe (from to Asia) - Export
  • Indian Subcontinent - Import
  • Europe & Africa intra-regional
  • Mediterranean (from/to Asia) - Import
  • Mediterranean (from to Americas) - Import
  • South America West Coast - Import
  • North Europe (from to Americas) - Export
  • Canada - Export

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