Department Function Name Phone
Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Mr. Gaurav Sharma +95 9 5006698
Marketing Commercial & Senior Marketing Manager Ms. Win Pyea Pyea Maung +95 9 5035460
Marketing Commercial & Senior Marketing Manager Ms Mie Mie +95 9 5010923
Marketing Senior Marketing Executive Mr Min Lwin Soe +95 9 428020035
Operations Operations Manager Ms Kyi thandar +95 1 378061
Logistics Logistics Ms Thazin Aye +95 1 378061
Customer Service Customer Service Booking Ms Me Me Aung +95 1 378062
Customer Service Export Documentation Ms Zin Thi Mar +95 1 378061
Customer Service Import Documentation Ms Yu Mon +95 1 378061
Finance Finance Ms Phyo Su Win +95 1 378061
Finance Finance Ms Zar Chi Soe +95 1 378062
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