User Guide: eaSI online: Templates

List your Templates

The Electronic-Advanced Shipping Instruction Templates service povides you with a list of templates which you or a member of your organization have created and saved in the online mode.

A Shipping Instructions template is particularly useful if you often have frequent shipments with repetitive data. Accordingly you can save
a specific template to use it again for subsequent B/L instructions.

When opening the eaSI Template site for the first time, templates created by you will be listed automatically.

If no templates have been created so far, a respective information will be given.

Create a High Quality Template

You have also the opportunity to create High Quality Templates from an existing Bill of Lading. 
For that purpose please press 'Create High Quality Template from existing Bill of Lading'. More information on that topic you can find at the User Guide section Create HQ template from Bill of Lading.

For the creation of templates out of an opened PDF-Shipping Instrucion form please consult our User Guide at Create / Use your own template.


Only members of your organization in one location have access to the template list or can create templates with your Bill of Lading data.

If you do not have all authorizations for the services above you can request them via My Account. More information on how to request your authorizations you find within this user guide in the section My Account.

Screen area: List your templates

At this section you have the possibility to view the templates you have created either directly from out of the PDF-form or from an existing Bill of Lading.

Entry field: Template Name

Insert the name of  the template you are looking for. Optionally you can enter just the first letters of a template name to display all templates beginning with those letters.

Button: Find

Find your templates by pressing the 'Find' button. Pressing this button without entering a template name will display all templates. 

Button: Create High Quality Template from existing Bill of Lading

Pressing this button leads you to the option of creating templates from existing Bills of Lading.

Screen area: Table of templates


This table will display the template(s) based on your search criteria.


Your templates will be sorted by the Creation date.

Column: Template name

Shows you the name of your templates. The template name will be given by you during the template creation process. While creating a template please make sure to choose a meaningfull template name so that you can recognize your template later.

Column: Creation date

Find here the creation date of your templates.

Column: Created by

Indicates the name of the user who created the template. In case a template was created as a service for you by Hapag-Lloyd, the column will display the  name of the respective employee followed by the appendix 'HLAG' .

Column: Port of Loading

Shows you the Port of Loading as saved within the template.

Column: Port of Discharge

Shows you the Port of Discharge as saved within the template. 

Column: Shipper

Find here the first line of the Shipper's address as it is saved within the template.

Column: Consignee

Find here the first line of the Consignee's address as it is saved within the template.

Button: Delete

Pressing this button will result in deletion of a template you have marked.

Note: You can use your templates directly by first opening a new Shipping Instruction via the PDF-form via the webpage 'Electronic-Advanced Shipping Instructions: eaSI online'. Accordingly please use the 'Import Template' button in the upper right corner of the eaSI form.

Screen area: Create High Quality Template from Bill of Lading

This section supports the creation of templates out of completed Bills of Lading based on your shipment history.

Data which is stored in a High Quality Template will be e.g. the shipper's and consignee's address and cargo information.

Entry field: Bill of Lading No.

Insert a Bill of Lading number for which the document has been completed by Hapag-Lloyd already to create a new template on that basis.

Entry field: Template Name

Enter a meaningfull name for your new template. This could contain a hint to the cargo, a customer reference or something that is important to you to recognize the template in the list. For each template please use a new name.

Button: Create

After filling in both fields, Bill of Lading No. and Template Name, press the 'Create' button to start the creation process of your template. This process will take a few moments. Afterwards you will find your new template within the template list once you pressed the 'List of Templates' button.

Note: You can also create templates directly out of the PDF-Shipping Instruction form. Here you can enter your desired data for future use by yourself. Find more information on that topic at Create / Use your own template.

Button: List of Templates

Press the button “List of Templates” to see the overview of the templates created online (please note that the display of newly created templates may take a few moments).
In case your newly created templates will not be displayed after few minutes, please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office.

Use your Templates

You can use your templates directly by first opening a new Shipping Instruction via the PDF-form via the webpage 'Electronic-Advanced Shipping Instructions: eaSI online'. Accordingly please use the 'Import Template' button in the upper right corner of the eaSI form.

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