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Quick Quotes - Container Shipping Rates

With Quick Quotes, you can generate an online container shipping quote in just 30 seconds. All you need is access to our Online Business Suite to get started.

  • Find competitive ocean and inland rates to 600 ports worldwide.
  • Select from multiple container types and commodities including dangerous goods cargo.

Need country-specific information or Marine Fuel Recovery values (MFR)? Find them here.

Why Quick Quotes

Faster Pricing

With Quick Quotes, your inland or ocean freight quote is ready in just 30 seconds.

Flexible Options

Choose your route, container type, and commodity to be reflected in your shipping quote.

More-Efficient Business

Our fast, fixed container shipping rates improve your turnaround times and leave little room for surprises.

Latest Updates

Choose from Multiple Container Types


Key Features

  • Wide service offering: Choose from 140+ services and 600 ports worldwide.
  • Dangerous Goods availability: Get a quotation for shipments with DG
  • Flexible transportation: Select port-to-port or door-to-door – or whatever combination you need.
  • Adjustable validity dates: Choose your validity date for more security down the road with our valid-from option.
  • Email it to anyone: Send an email copy to yourself, colleagues, or customers.
  • Easy administration: Access all quotations via My Quotations.


How to Get Your Container Freight Rate

Use Quick Quotes to get your rate in just three simple steps – another click even starts the booking process.

1. Log in / Register
Register for our Online Business Suite and log in on our website.

2. Fill in your data
Enter your start location, destination, commodity, and container type.

3. Get an instant quote
Get your instant, fixed-price quotation. Save the quote or send it via email.

4. Book a container
Start your booking with just one more click.

What Our Customers Say about Quick Quotes

Dayane Kroth, Director of AD Shipping, Brazil

“We use Quick Quotes every day. It is a great tool because it is fast and easy.” 


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Country-Specific Information and MFRs  

Country-Specific Information

Please find practical insights and guidance for shipping to and from different countries.

Marine Fuel Recovery (MFR)

Get a quick and transparent overview of fuel oil costs using our MFR table.

Getting started with Quick Quotes

Watch our step-by-step video tutorial on using Quick Quotes in the easiest possible way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Quotes Basics

Quick Quotes Basics

Yes, simply complete the registration process. We will create an account that gives you access to our Quick Quotes tool.

We provide you with a fixed-rated quote that is valid for the number of days that you see in your quote.

The free-time allowance for Hapag-Lloyd depends on your routing. You can find details here. If you require more leeway, you can use our Additional Freetime option to buy up to 10 extra days when you place your booking.

Quick Quotes Spot rates have a shorter validity – use Spot when you are ready to book and need to guarantee fulfillment, even if it comes at a premium price. You will also get an instant booking confirmation, so you can get on with your day. Our standard Quick Quotes rates give you extra time to review quotes with customers before deciding to book. For added reassurance, they can be purchased with an additional Shipping Guarantee.


Container Shipping Rates, Surcharges and Validity

Please check the validity in the quotation, as it may differ depending on the origin and destination. Use our “valid-from” option to select the starting date for validity.   

No, the validity of the offer cannot be extended. You can, however, simply submit a new Quick Quotes request to get a valid quote at a later date.

Quick Quotes is an online pricing tool that gives you container shipping rates based on which you can place a booking instantly. There is no option to negotiate these rates online.

Your Quick Quotes contain a fixed rate. No GRI applies during the validity of the offer. Surcharges are subject to change and are those valid at the time of the shipment.

Most but not all surcharges are included. Please see local surcharges and inland costs associated with your cargo for details.

All charges are either export- (origin), import- (destination), or sea-freight-related. Depending on the agreement between shipper and consignee, the charges either have to be prepaid or collected (there might also be legal requirements in some countries).  


Container Types and Commodities

Yes, simply select the equipment type “Reefer” or “Non-operating Reefer” to receive a Quick Quote for your shipment.

At this time, the reefer feature is available for fresh and frozen cargo only. It is not possible to quote controlled-atmosphere cargo. Please check our FAK definition. If you would like an offer for controlled-atmosphere reefers, please contact your local sales office.

Yes, you can get a quotation for open-top, flat-rack and hard top containers. Please note that rates will only apply for in-gauge cargo, out of gauge cargo is excluded. You can use our Special Cargo Quotes or to contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office to get an out of gauge quotation.

Yes, Quick Quotes is also available for dangerous cargo shipments. Nevertheless, IMO Classes 1 and 7, Military Cargo, Waste Shipments and Lithium Batteries are excluded. Please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office to get a quotation.

Please check the FAK definition for the exempt commodities. On certain trades, there might be commodity-based rates available that you can see by clicking on “Check commodities.” Hazardous goods and out-of-gauge cargo are generally excluded from Quick Quotes.

This is not currently possible, but we are working on making the tool available for all container types. Please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office to get a quotation.

Certain commodities can damage the reefer container during stuffing, transport, or unstuffing. Because of the specific construction of reefer containers, the following commodities are not allowed to be loaded into our reefer containers:

  • Heavy packages with rough and/or sharp edges and machinery parts that cannot be lashed and secured properly. That can damage the floor, e.g., cargo with more than 3 metric tons weight per running meter.
  • Soiled and/or odorous cargo, such as hides or menthol.
  • Cement and other similar powders in bags.
  • IMO cargo unless approved by Dangerous Goods department.
  • Bulk cargo such as grain, scrap metal, etc.
  • Potentially corrosive substances (non-dangerous cargo).

For ethical reasons, Hapag-Lloyd does not transport any species that are seriously endangered and on the so-called “red list of threatened species”, e.g., whales, dolphins, sharks etc.  


Using Quick Quotes  

This is not yet possible as part of the quotation process. But with our Additional Freetime option, you can easily purchase import detention free time at a discounted price directly after using our Booking tool or via the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator. Through this service, you can buy up to 10 extra days in addition to the standard free-time tariffs (10 days) or to your current contractual agreements.

You can look for a location using the UN/LOCODE or the full location name. Searching via ZIP codes is not possible.

Please make sure that we service the selected routing. When in doubt, you can check our service network.  

If the quotation includes a start or an end location that is not a seaport, our system provides the best routing option if available. If a different port of loading or discharge is required, the “Advanced routing” button will give you the option to enter your desired port and you will get a new Quick Quote with this routing.

Yes, you can send the quotation to a different email using the text box at the bottom of the quotation window. You may also download it if needed.


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