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North China - Reefer Plug shortage at Terminals

We would like to give you on update on the current situation at North China ports (mainly Shanghai). There are operational restrictions on reefer plugs due to the extended Chinese New Year holidays, caused by the Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned all related inbound operations as well as container pickup activities have been severely impacted and as a result most reefer plugs are totally utilized. Despite every effort it was not possible to discharge all reefer containers in Shanghai and subsequently we have had to divert to alternative ports such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Busan. We anticipate that this situation, which is beyond Hapag-Lloyd’s control, will continue for the upcoming weeks.

Given the above situation, we can offer the following options related to your cargo:

(1) Accept delivery at current port of discharge Or,

(2) Divert your reefer containers to another port / destination Or,

(3) Return your reefer containers back to origin

Please note that for all options, all additional costs, risks and liabilities related to the storage or movement of the cargo after discharge will be for the account of the cargo owner.

We kindly ask for you to provide us with written confirmation of your preferred choice for taking delivery of the cargo at your earliest convenience in order for us to initiate the necessary arrangements.

We regret the inconvenience that these circumstances may cause.

The terms of this Notice shall be read in conjunction with and without prejudice to Hapag-Lloyd’s Bill of Lading / Sea Waybill terms and conditions and the Hapag-Lloyd tariff applicable thereto.

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