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Screen area: Arrival Notice

Arrival Notice

In this section you find the transmission information of your Arival Notices. You can download them here as PDF-files within 28 days after their creation or update.
Note: Only the e-mail receiver of the Arrival Notice is able to download it.

Column: Receiver

Shows you the initial receiver of the Arrival Notice.
Note: This data will only be displayed if you are defined as a party function within this transport.

Column: Date

Shows you the creation or update date of the Arrival Notice.

Column: Medium

Shows you the transmission medium of the Arrival Notice, e.g. E-mail, Fax.

Button: Download

If you are the e-mail receiver of the Arrival Notice you are able to download it. Therefore select the row containing the desired document and click the 'Download' button below the table. 
Note: The Arrival Notice is available for download only within 28 days after creation or update.