Welcome to Gdansk!

Since August 11, the Polish port city of Gdansk has been a fixed part of Hapag-Lloyd’s network of mainliner services. A film taken from a drone provides a bird’s-eye view of the first call there of the “Hong Kong Express”.

The evening sun bathes the deep-water port of Gdansk in a warm light. The bustle has died down for now, and only a few people and vehicles can be seen. But that will end soon – and abruptly – as one can make out on the horizon the mighty bow of a container ship heading directly toward this large Polish city on the Baltic coast.

Bird's-eye view of the “Hong Kong Express” entering the port of Gdansk.

The ship is the “Hong Kong Express” (13,167 TEU) of Hapag-Lloyd, that made its first-ever stopover in Gdansk along its journey to Asia. The shipping companies making up the G6 Alliance, of which Hapag-Lloyd is a founding member, had previously decided to expand their shared “Loop 7” service to include the Deepwater Container Terminal in Gdansk (DCT). In addition to being the only deep-water port in the Baltic region, the DCT has developed in recent years into a modern gateway between Europe and Asia.

The “Hong Kong Express” at its first call in Gdansk on August 11.

Later, when the “Hong Kong Express” is berthed at the port’s quay, the DCT suddenly jumps back to life. Cranes drive up and hoist containers off the ship, one after the other, and an armada of trucks finally brings the boxes straight to the storage areas. Not much time is left after that. Already tomorrow noon, the “Hong Kong Express” will head back out to sea and sail toward Southampton before then setting out to Asia.

Click here to watch the video of the “Hong Kong Express” entering the port of Gdansk.

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