Monthly Quiz: How much do you know about reefer technologies?

Win a 1:1,250-Scale Model of the “Hamburg Express”.

So, how much do you know about shipping? Here, you’ll find a puzzle to solve every month. Answer correctly, and you could win a 1:1,250-scale model of the “Hamburg Express.”

Many of Hapag-Lloyds modern reefer containers are equipped with the “ExtraFresh” technology. It controls the interior atmosphere of a reefer container to slow down the respiration. That way, the shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be extended. Avocados and bananas are examples of fruits that are transported with “ExtraFresh”.

For fruits and vegetables that are even more sensitive and low respiring, Hapag-Lloyd developed “ExtraFresh Plus”. Its goal is to slow the ripening and to balance the gas mixture inside the container. Fruits like blueberries are handled with “ExtraFresh Plus”.

Now it's your turn to guess: How many days of transit time can blueberries and mangoes cope with these technologies?

a.) up to 18 days
b.) up to 22 days
c.) up to 28 days

Please send us your answers by email to [email protected] and enter to win a 1:1,250-scale model ship of the “Hamburg Express,” the flagship of Hapag-Lloyd’s fleet. The closing date for entries is February 15, 2018. As always, you’ll find out the answer in the next issue.
Answer to the previous issue’s puzzle:22 people usually work on board a Hapag-Lloyd vessel. (answer a)

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