Defining quality: We have launched our first three Quality Promises

With our Strategy 2023, we have formulated an ambitious goal: become number one for quality. But what does this mean? In January, we have launched a first set of quality promises including an interactive dashboard helping clients to track the implementation of our promises.

Our goal is to become the number one for quality in the container shipping industry. With this in mind, we have defined a set of quality promises that cater to the needs of our customers. We want to share our first three promises and related goals with you: fast booking response, timely and correct bill of lading, and accurate invoicing. These promises aim to ensure prompt and precise documentation as well as to optimise document traffic between our customers and us – thereby enabling both parties to save time and money.

“Our quality promises will be the foundation of our partnership with our customers and pave the way to our goal of becoming number one for quality,” said Rolf Habben Jansen, Chief Executive Officer of Hapag-Lloyd. “The promises are formulated in concrete terms, make our success measurable and create transparency. In this way, we are offering our customers direct added value.”

Our promises and goals in detail

Fast booking response: Hapag-Lloyd has set itself the goals to issue booking confirmations within one business hour in 85 percent of cases and within eight business hours in 98 percent of cases. As a result, your supply chains can become more predictable.

Timely and correct of bill of lading: We have set ourselves the goals to sending a draft bill of lading within four business hours in 80 percent of cases and within eight business hours in 95 percent of cases. In addition, we aim to provide the final bill of lading after one business day of vessel departure in 95 percent of cases. As a result, you can promptly receive a proof of shipment for forwarding to banks, insurance companies or customs authorities.

Accurate invoicing: Hapag-Lloyd has set itself the goal to provide its customers with an accurate invoice for the agreed amount in minimum 97 percent of cases. As a result, you can benefit from higher cost transparency. In addition, losses in revenue due to incorrect oncharging of transport costs can be avoided.

Making progress measurable

We will also create additional transparency: With the new, internet-based quality promise dashboard, you will be able to get an overview at any time of how Hapag-Lloyd is delivering on its quality promises. In the course of 2020, Hapag-Lloyd Online Business users will also get access to a separate personal area. Based on their own shipments, they will then be able to see exactly where Hapag-Lloyd stands in terms of delivering on its quality promises.

Find out more about our promises and goals by visiting our website.

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