Real-time data and access to booking review – What our customer Altercol likes about Hapag-Lloyd Navigator

Every day, our customers face the task of transporting their goods quickly and safely all around the world. This results in a huge amount of data that they need to keep track of. With the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator, our customers can master their every-day challenges more efficiently. The digital dashboard holds all important information and documents of their shipments in one place.

We recently spoke with Marzena Marcinska, Export Specialist at Altercol Polska Sp. z o.o. about Hapag-Lloyd Navigator. In the interview, she shared her experience and told us how the tool supports her in the daily business.

Can you please briefly describe your business and your role in the company?

Altercol is a trading partner for retailers in Latin America and provides solutions related to product sourcing, development, registration, international transport, and domestic distribution. Our offices are located in Poland and in Colombia where all these processes are being taken care of. The company is a platform, where the customers in Latin America receive their selected foodstuff and home & personal care products delivered according to their expectations.

A product that distinguishes us is the buyer’s console with controlled temperature that allows our customers to transport temperature-sensitive products in smaller quantities but with higher frequency. This is of great benefit when it comes to products with short expiry dates. It’s also ideal for proper stock management.

I oversee the company’s logistic operations throughout all geographies where it operates. In addition to being responsible for the development of the solutions it introduces, I am also in charge of the procurement of hinterland and overseas transport services, as well as the execution of day-to-day operations together with our teams in Poland and Colombia.

How do you usually get booking-related information from carriers? What are the main challenges in this process?

Usually, when I want to receive general booking-related information, I use carriers’ websites and their customer service platforms. It is the easiest and quickest way to get basic information. However, there are some sorts of situations that need to be resolved directly – by phone conversation or e-mail. First-hand contact with the carrier’s employees often nips problems in the bud.

The main challenge in this process is receiving feedback as soon as possible so that my concerns and questions can be resolved within a short timeframe.

What is your experience with the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator? What were your initial thoughts when it first launched?

I will not conceal the fact that it was not easy to put the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator into practice. This is because I got used to other ways of getting booking-related information such as tracing subscriptions, e-mails, or phone calls. My initial thoughts were whether this new solution would be as good as the others. Surprisingly, it turns out that my worries were unfounded.

How do you use the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator in your daily business and how does it help in these challenging times?

The COVID-19 pandemic has a huge impact on international export and may leave its legacy for years to come. To ensure business continuity, Altercol had rolled out mandatory remote work. In this new reality, I need to set new working standards. That’s why I treat Hapag-Lloyd Navigator as my assistant. It helps me to coordinate our shipments movement from the loading place to the destination. There is no need to make a bunch of phone calls because this tool ensures real-time data. It enables quick access to booking review when I need to provide information to contractors in a timely manner. When I have days full of work, I use the “To Do“ list in order to have control over chaos related to document status. Everything I need to know is situated in one place.

How do you think the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator will assist you in conducting your business in the future?

I am still getting to know Hapag-Lloyd Navigator, and I’m trying to tap its potential as much as it is possible. I hope that in the near future it will have more features. I look forward to Hapag Lloyd LIVE, because mainly we are exporting temperature-sensitive products and will be able to access Real-time GPS location, temperature profiles and convenient data access with Hapag-Lloyd Live.

In your opinion, how could we improve the Hapag-Lloyd Navigator even more?

I think that online chat with members of your support team would be a great tool for Hapag Lloyd Navigator. It would provide an immediate line of communication.

Any other comments you would like to make?

The Hapag-Lloyd Navigator is a great step in the process of digitization and sharing data. It gives new opportunities by better connecting carriers, infrastructure, and people in a safe and efficient way. It is the future of the maritime transport chain.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Learn more about Hapag-Lloyd Navigator or directly check the tool out.


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