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In 1900, Albert Ballin, director-general of Hapag, had modern accommodation erected on the island of Veddel in Hamburg to provide countless thousands of emigrants from Europe with decent conditions as they bade farewell to the Old World. At the time what he offered set new standards for more considerate treatment of often penniless emigrants. Hapag-Lloyd supported the construction of the BallinStadt interactive museum on the site of the former emigrant village as its main sponsor.

HAMBURG BALLET - John Neumeier

John Neumeier is an artistic hallmark, inspiring people far beyond Germany. This is achieved not only with fantastic ideas and grace, but also discipline and hard work. Hapag-Lloyd Foundation annually awards grants to pupils from the ballet school managed by John Neumeier in recognition of outstanding performances by young dancers, who will maybe one day follow in the footsteps of their great role model.

St. Pauli Theater

The St. Pauli Theater, closely connected to the Hapag-Lloyd Foundation as its main sponsor, stands for sophisticated entertainment culture. The Reeperbahn theatre, so rich in tradition, has returned to the ranks of stage production, at the highest artistic level and with first-class actors.

Junges Forum Musiktheater - Youth Musicals Forum

People think Hamburg has only one opera house. In reality a second also exists, Junges Opernhaus – Youth Opera House, where up and coming directors from the Hochschule für Musik und Theater – Academy for Music and Theatre can stage their final diploma productions. Hapag-Lloyd Foundation supports the course of studies in the production of musicals, which is unique in Germany. This forum, much valued by critics and public, has already gathered various awards.

Junges Schauspielhaus - Youth Theatre

Theatre inspires and has a lasting effect, raises questions and widens horizons. The Youth Theatre, supported by Hapag-Lloyd Foundation, addresses itself to teenagers. It provides interesting productions straddling the border between art and education; encouraging them to gather their first experience of theatre, exhibiting thought-provoking works at fixed points in their everyday lives.

Training of restorers

Our shipping company goes back more than 160 years and the cultivation and conservation of historic values forms part of our philosophy. Hapag-Lloyd Foundation is therefore committed to the training of restorers in a profession that is indispensable for museums. As part of a scheme known as Hamburg Work Experience or the Hamburger Praktikum, tomorrow’s restorers are prepared for studying and working without having to forgo suitable remuneration. Applicants come from the entire German-speaking area and the scheme is recommended by numerous high schools.

Art Exhibitions

The Foundation is increasingly staging its own projects, including alternating exhibitions of pictures, sculptures and photos. From such events – as with the Foundation’s activities altogether – it is above all Hapag-Lloyd staff, who profit most too. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing knew that, “Pleasure is just as important as work”. Art promotes creativity, communication and motivation, these being the values so prevalent in Hapag-Lloyd’s working environment.


Eva Gjersvik

Miembro del Consejo de la Fundación Hapag-Lloyd

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