Delays and Actual Delivery at the Customer Place

Moving cargo for our customers worldwide along the first and last mile - safe, secure and on time is our ambition.
We are ready to get the job done - are you on board?

By transporting our customer’s cargo across countries under our haulage, we aim at reducing coordination and communication efforts. It is our responsibility to offer the highest quality in our service during the whole transport chain.
And we can only do this - with your support.

We are offering this tool to you as one our suppliers to simplify and speed up our communication. Register now and help us deliver the best service to our customers.

How can you support us?
Inform us, when delays occur and provide a new ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), as well as a reason for the delay.
Provide the actual time of the container delivery (full or empty) at the customer’s premises.
We welcome you as part of our Quality Strategy 2023!

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