Here you can find our Essential Terms.

The Essential Terms are part of the service contracts between the Hapag-Lloyd AG and our customers.
Simplified, a service contract is split into the Essential Terms and a list of agreed ocean and inland rates on selected port combinations for different container types.
The Essential Terms contain e.g. a lists of origins, destinations and commodities, a minimum quantity commitment and the run of validity.
In the US market the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) monitors the maritime trade of ocean carriers under antitrust aspects. Any ocean carrier that is engaged in maritime trade with the US has to follow the regulations of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 1998 (OSRA). This law specifies the information that has to be public to everybody under means of unrestricted price formation. For this reason the Essential Terms are open to the public.

At this Online Business service you can view a list of Essential Terms and its detailed information according to your search criteria.

Area de pantalla: Detalles

Los detalles del Contrato de Servicio seleccionado se mostrarán debajo de la tabla de resultados. Aquí usted encontrará los países de origen y destino, así como la información sobre las mercancías.

Area de pantalla Criterio de Búsqueda

You can search for Essential Terms by entering several combination of search criteria:

Entry field: Date from

This field is filled in by default with the current date. It is a mandatory entry. You can enter your desired Date here as well.

Entry field: Contract number

You can optionally enter a contract number or select both origin and destination country.

Selection field: Origin country / Destination country

Choose both origin and destination country. If you leave the contract number empty, you need to select the origin and the destination country.

Area de pantalla: Listado de Términos Esenciales

Here you find the service contracts according to your search criteria. If more than one contract exist, a list will be displayed.

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