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USA – Electronic Shipping Instruction Handling

As previously announced on September 21, 2018, Hapag-Lloyd (America), LLC will implement a Manual Shipping Instruction Fee (MSI) of USD 50 per SI which will be effective as from November 1, 2018 for all Shipping Instructions (SI’s) received manually and not via our provided e-Business channels.

We have been receiving questions about how this will be applied and we would like to provide you with the below guidance:

The MSI applies to all new and replacement manual Shipping Instructions received on and after November 1, 2018.

Please avoid sending duplicate SI’s, one via an e-channel and one via email. If duplicate SI’s are received, we will ignore the manual SI and use the e-SI for creating your Bill of Lading. However, if the manual SI is received and processed prior to the eSI, an MSI fee will be applied. Therefore, please avoid sending the same SI manually and via an e-channel.

Complete e-SI’s will be processed the most efficiently however, if you present the e-SI
with missing container and seal numbers, they will continue to be processed and please remember to follow up with a revised e-SI reporting the related container number(s) as soon as possible.

Please send your SI revisions via the same e-channel as the initial SI and coded or marked as “SR”, “Revision”, etc. Revised SI’s are accepted via our eaSI form, Inttra Act and EDI. For Inttra-Link users, please make your revisions clear.

The MSI fee will apply to a revised manual SI used to complete a ‘Dummy’ e-SI received for AES information only or other minimal information. Therefore, please avoid sending an initial SI for AES information only and instead send your AES number and associated booking number via an email advice with no SI attached, to: [email protected].

We will continue to accept minimal “pen and ink” corrections/revisions via email and these will be exempt from the MSI.

For Combined Bills of Lading covering two or more bookings, please do not send an individual e-SI for each booking. Instead, please send one combined e-SI. The combined e-SI should indicate each container number and the associated booking number. If you need assistance with how to complete a combined e-SI, please reach out to your local e-business team.

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