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Australia / New Zealand Service via Panama (ANP) - Vessel Incident MV “Olga Maersk” Voy. 847N -906S 3rd Update

Further to our last message of February 4, 2019 on MV “Olga Maersk” 847N, please be advised of the following:

All Units (Dry and Refrigerated) were discharged in Cristobal

  • Cargo to Charleston (DRY+REFRIGERATED): All units were loaded onto the TP16 Maersk Taikung 901E with an ETA February 11, at 19:00 hrs.
  • Cargo to Philadelphia (REFRIGERATED): All units were discharged in Cristobal and all refrigerated units are planned for the next Oceania vessel Spirit of Sydney 901N who´s ETA to Cristobal is February 5, at 07:00 hrs.
  • Cargo to Philadelphia (DRY): All dry units will be planned for the Oluf Maersk 902N as there will be no space for dry units on the Spirit of Sydney 901N since it absorbs all of the reefers. The Oluf´s ETA to Cristobal is February 13, at 0:600 hrs.
  • Cargo to Cartagena (Dry + REFRIGERATED): Since MV MSC MICHAELA 904S is no longer an option, as she will omit Cartagena, all units are intended for loading to MV NIKOLAS voy. 242A ETA Cristobal February 8, at 2100 hrs, ETA Cartagena February 9, at 0900 hrs.
  • Cargo from Cartagena to Philadelphia (REFRIGERATED): Cargo to Philadelphia will have to wait one week due to limited Feeder Options and will protect space accordingly on next voyage of Spirit of Sydney 901N.
  • Cargo from Cartagena to Philadelphia (DRY): Cargo is to be loaded on the Oluf Maersk 902N.

For Olga Maersk 906S please be advised of the following:

Service coverage for North American Exports to Oceania is now concluded;

  • Philadelphia to Oceania (DRY + REFRIGERATED) – Vessel operator will induce the Northern Guard 56X/905S into Philadelphia to load all exports that were previously booked on the Olga Maersk 906S. Tentative ETA Philadelphia February 8th – coastal schedule to be communicated during the course of today as they finalize berthing windows.
  • To be Determined - containers will be transshipped in either Manzanillo, Panama or Cartagena, Colombia. This will be concluded during the course of today as Vessel Operator finalizes the Olga Maersk repair and recovery.
  • Charleston to Oceania (DRY+ REFRIGERATED) -unfortunately, Vessel Operator cannot offer service coverage for Charleston exports for this week.
  • All export units to roll one week and be accommodated on the Spirit of Sydney 907S.

Service coverage for Latin American Exports to Oceania still to be concluded;

  • Cargo from Cartagena to Oceania: Pending the finalized schedule of the Northern Guard vessel which will be bringing units from Philadelphia to transship to the Olga Maersk for further on-carriage to Oceania. Vessel Operator will conclude during the course of today whether transshipment will take place in Cartagena or Manzanillo. If Cartagena, then Cartagena to Oceania containers will be loaded on the Olga Maersk.

Vessel operator has also concluded that the Olga Maersk will not be cleared to sail safely until February 15th. It is currently envisioned that she will recover schedule on Pacific Crossing to New Zealand.

This situation remains fluid and we are working diligently in order to effect transshipment of cargoes to intended destinations. This communication is provided without prejudice to or waiver of any and all rights, remedies, defenses, and limitations available to Hapag-Lloyd pursuant to any applicable bill of lading, Sea Waybill, tariff, and/or otherwise.

We shall keep you duly informed on further developments.

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