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Atlantic Loop 4 (AL4) – MV “RIO BLACKWATER” Voy. 007W

Further to our Customer Info dated Feb.14, Feb.21 and Feb.27, 2019 please be informed about the latest status related to the cargo discharged in Le Havre off the damaged Charter Ship MV “RIO BLACKWATER”:

As advised in above Customer letters, we have invested heavily to arrange two smaller replacement ships, onto which the majority of your cargoes have been meanwhile been loaded or booked:

  • MV “SATIE” to Mexico ETA Veracruz March 8, 2019
  • MV “BOMAR VALOUR” to US-Gulf ETA Le Havre March 8, 2019 - ETA Houston March 19, 2019

Unfortunately, these two vessels were not sufficient to cover the entire backlog; consequently some cargo still needed to be re-booked to MV “AEGIALI” and MV “GENOA”.

Due to the overall tight booking situation on our AL4 Service, some of your containers planned for loading on MV “AEGIALI” now required another rebooking to MV “BOMAR VALOUR” however resulting arrival dates at US Gulf ports will not deteriorate, but even be slightly earlier.

We are fully aware of the impact onto your logistics, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We shall keep you informed about further developments in due course.  

Pertenece a

Liner Services

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