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Ecuador – Feeder service to Guayaquil is discharging in Posorja

As a result of the sanitary emergency in Ecuador due to COVID-19, TPG INARPI terminal, like the rest of Guayaquil terminals, is facing congestion caused by the lack of evacuation of import units.

Intending to maintain the continuity of the logistics chain and assure the landing of the vessel in Ecuador, we are in need to divert the vessel to terminal DPW POSORJA for the discharge of import units only.

The following vessels have so far been impacted by this situation:

Vessel Limari 040S
ETA Posorja DP WORLD – Apr 09, 2020

Vessel Cristina Star 041S
ETA Posorja DP WORLD – Apr 16, 2020

We will continue monitoring the situation and ask for your support releasing import containers that remain in port as soon as possible, intending to count with more physical space, which will allow more agile maneuvers at terminals that are operating continuously to sustain the best service for you.

Furthermore, we invite you to make use of our digital tools to track shipments due to arrive soon.

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