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St. Lawrence Coordinated Service 2 (AT2) – Vessel Slide

Our AT2 service has recently run out of schedule, caused by weather conditions and port congestions due to COVID 19

Since various ad-hoc schedule recovery measures failed to bring the service back to its regular schedule it has been decided to let the service slide by one week.

First vessel will be:

TORONTO EXPRESS 41 W 21 ETS Southampton May 19, 2020

alternatively you could also use our AT1 from Antwerp or Bremerhaven

Ottawa Express 11 W 21 ETS Antwerp May 21, 2020
ETS Bremerhaven May 22, 2020

Another choice could be to steer your shipments via Halifax instead of Montreal on our ATA Service

ATLANTIC SAIL ATS 43 ETS Hamburg May 17, 2020
ETS Antwerp May 20, 2020
ETA Halifax June 1, 2020

On top of a.m. possibilities you can also use our AL1 calling Halifax.

Pertenece a

Liner Services

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