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Atlantic Loop 1 & Loop 4 – Void Sailing

Due to the low demand caused by the current COVID-19 crisis, we and our partner lines in the THE Alliance implemented further capacity measures on Atlantic Loop 1 (AL1) and Atlantic Loop 4 (AL4) Service. You will find alternative routings further below.

AL1 Service:
Westbound Voyage Week 33
London Gateway ETS August 21, 2020

Corresponding Eastbound Voyage Week 36:
Norfolk ETS August 31, 2020

AL4 Service:
Chacabuco 010W
Westbound Voyage Week 32:
Le Havre ETS August 13, 2020

Corresponding Eastbound Voyage Week 35:
Veracruz ETS August 28, 2020

Please check our alternative routings as follows:
to / from New York: AL2 and ATA service
to / from Halifax: ATA service
to / from Houston: AL3 service

You may also want check our Canadian services AT1 and AT2 with T/S via Montreal for destinations in the US-Midwest.

If you would like to know more details, please visit our blank sailing section on our website.

Pertenece a

Liner Services

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