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MATCHBOX Exchange for Singapore

We would like to inform you that we joined the partnership with MATCHBOX Exchange for Singapore, effective from the July 13, 2020. Our aim is to provide a more efficient supply chain solution for Re-use and Exchange of containers. Through a seamless innovative digital sourcing platform, customers in need of containers can simply send a request for reuse and exchange with an instantaneous approval for export bookings.

Since March 2019, we have been working closely with MATCHBOX Exchange to perform on street turn requests in Australia and New Zealand leading to many successful triangulations (re-use/exchange) to date.

The platform offers two valuable options:

1. Re-use function – this provides opportunities for customers to directly re-use an import container for export bookings without the container transiting through a container park.
2. Exchange function – this provides opportunities for customer to exchange an empty import container with another customer holding an export booking.

*Rate applies: $20/per re-use and $10/per exchange function per party

The key benefits:

  • Lower operation trucking costs
  • Decreased waiting time and congestion at depots
  • Better control with improved transparency
  • Access 24/7 on requests and instant approvals
  • Reduction on global carbon footprint

To learn more and sign up please visit via website at www.matchboxexchange.com

For further enquiries, please reach out to your nearest location of Hapag-Lloyd customer service, or contact MATCHBOX Exchange customer service team at [email protected].

*The rate has yet to inclusive of GST


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