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Here's an update for Online Booking Amendment in South Africa

It has been one year since we introduced Online Booking Amendments for South Africa. With this important milestone in mind, please note that from December 1, 2021, you will only be able to amend your bookings on our website or INTTRA.

One of the benefits of submitting your amendment online is that you do not need to follow up via email or phone call. Once the amendment is processed, you will automatically receive a revised booking confirmation with the changes highlighted in yellow. Our bookings' team will be reaching out to you in case more details are required or if the booking amendment cannot be executed.

Although most amendments are now available online, please note that the following must continue to be sent by email to our booking team.

  • Change of POD or Final Destination
  • Change in Quotation or Rate Agreement Number
  • Change in Routing Party
  • Change in Commodity

Please keep in mind that online booking amendments will not be accepted after the vessel's sailing time.


Here's a short guide on how to do online booking amendments, either on our website or INTTRA.

On our website:

  1. Log into Hapag-Lloyd.com
  2. Under My Shipments or List of Shipments, please choose the booking to be amended and click on Update Booking
  3. Then click on Edit Customs and Remarks and type your amendment instructions into the free text field. Here are a couple of examples: "Please roll to next vessel" or "Add one more 20FT container"
  4. Then click Submit Booking

Please type the required changes in the remarks' section. It is not necessary to change any of the fields in the booking


  1. Log into INTTRA
  2. Go to Booking Section and click My booking and type the booking number to find
  3. Click on the selected booking and click amend
  4. Fill in the amendment details in the Comments and Notifications column
  5. Click Next, Continue and Submit

If you should require additional information, please contact our customer service team at your location, who will guide you based on your individual situation.

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