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Our South East India - Europe (IEX) service has port updates

If you are shipping between Europe and Bangladesh, South and East India, and Sri Lanka, here are a couple of schedule updates for our South East India – Europe Express (IEX) service. These modifications will be in place until August 2022 and are linked to our update from March 2022.

During this period, the port of Le Havre in France will be omitted by the vessels listed below, starting with MV Seaspan Kobe V. 2219E / 2219W and ending with MV XIN Lian Yun Gang V. 2231E / 2231W. The ports of Vizag in India and Piraeus in Greece will have omissions for a shorter period of time, as shown in the table below. Thinking about your cargo planning, please find below the updated sailing schedules, including vessel names, westbound (WB) and eastbound (EB), voyage numbers, and Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) per direction:

Vessel Name EB WB Rotterdam (NL) Vizag (IN) Krishna (IN) Piraeus (GR)
Seaspan Kobe 2219E 2219W May 22 Omit June 26 Omit
YM Fountain 2220E 2220W May 29 Omit July 3 Omit
Tokyo Bay 2221E 2221W June 5 Omit July 10 Omit
Xin Lian Yun Gang 2222E 2222W June 12 Omit July 17 Omit
TBN COSCO 2223E 2223W June 19 Omit July 24 Omit
Chennai Express 2224E 2224W June 26 Omit July 31 Omit
Buxcoast 2225E 2225W July 3 Omit August 7 Omit
Al Manamah 2226E 2226W July 10 Omit August 14 Omit
Amoliani 2227E 2227W July 17 Omit August 21 Omit
Seaspan Kobe 2228E 2228W July 24 August 26 August 28 Sept 23
YM Fountain 2229E 2229W July 31 Sept 2 Sept 4 Sept 30
Tokyo Bay 2230E 2230W August 7 Sept 9 Sept 11 October 7
XIN Lian Yun Gang 2231E 2231W August 14 Sept 16 Sept 18 October 14

To assist your cargo planning during this period, you can consider the following options for the ports of Le Havre, Vizag and Piraeus.

Alternatives for Le Havre, France

From Via To Service
Bangladesh,South & East India, Sri Lanka Direct Antwerp, BE IEX
Le Havre, FR Rotterdam, NL Bangladesh,South & East India, Sri Lanka IEX
Le Havre, FR Direct Jeddah, SA IO3

Alternatives for Vizag, India

From Via To Service
Visakhapatnam, IN Colombo, LK North Europe & Mediterranean IEX
North Europe & Mediterranean Colombo, LK Visakhapatnam, IN IEX

Alternatives for Piraeus, Greece

From Via To Service
Bangladesh, South & East India, Sri Lanka Damietta, EG Mediterranean IEX

To assist your cargo planning, you can use our vessel tracker to view our vessels' latest Estimated Times of Arrival and Departure. If you should require additional information, please contact our customer service team at your location, who will guide you based on your individual situation.

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