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Here's an update for our Asia to Europe services

As a consequence of the forecasted reductions in demand around the Golden Week holiday period, we will be making adjustments to our network.

With your cargo planning in mind, we are aiming at providing you with predictability and optimal alternatives to minimize possible disruptions to your supply chain. Therefore, the overview below includes the weeks with the services that will not have sailings, including the first port of call and the alternative service option.

Asia to North Europe

Week Service First Port of Call Alternative Service
39 FE9 Qingdao FE2
40 FE2 Pusan FE9
40 FE3 Ningbo FE4
40 FE4 Xingang FE3
42 FFE Shimizu JSJ connecting with FE5
43 FE3 Ningbo FE4
44 FE5 Laem Chabang FE2 or FE3

Asia to Mediterranean

Week Service First Port of Call Alternative Service
40 MD1 Qingdao MD2
40 MD3 Pusan MD2
41 MD2 Pusan MD1
43 MD1 Qingdao MD2
43 MD3 Pusan MD2

To ensure minimal disruptions, our teams are already rebooking your cargo to the remaining network in advance, and you will be notified of the changes. As we progress during this season, we will continue to keep you updated. You may continue to place bookings normally as we have developed contingency plans on alternative services.

If you should have any additional questions concerning the above updates, please reach out to our teams at your preferred location. They will assist you based on your situation.

Pertenece a

Liner Services

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