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Last updated on September 22, 2023

Operational and Customer Service Overview

Last updated on September 22, 2023
Operations Team, Europe

"We understand that time is a valuable commodity. That's why our operational updates are designed to be brief, yet informative. In just two minutes, we can guide you through the main port updates and vessel news per service to assist with your cargo planning. We regularly update our information on this page, and twice a month, we'll remind you via email."

  • The overall terminal information will guide you through the different geographies in Europe

Vessel updates and port changes per service

North Europe-South America East Coast (ECX) Service

  • MV Czech V. NA33R suffered main engine issues enroute from Pecem, BR to Tangier, MA.

Antwerp, Belgium

  • PSA 913: Yard increased to 65% -70%. Reefers unchanged as well at 70% - 75%, MTs remained on a low level of 30% - 35%.
  • PSA 869: Yard slightly increased to 55% - 60%, reefers at 45% - 50%, MTs at 55% - 60% utilization. Civil works at PSA 869 resulting in ~400 meters reduction of berth started and is allowing one large vessel alongside at times but focus of cranes on one vessel is boosting productivity. No negative impact to operations. 913 with ongoing bollard works, completion delayed to December.
  • AGW: Antwerp Gateways yard stands at 45% - 50%. Reefer plugs at 45% - 50% utilization. MT yard at 45% - 50% almost unchanged. Terminal received 3 additional Gantries which will be fully operational in September.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Europe Container Terminals (ECT): Yard stable at 55% - 60% utilization. Sufficient reefer plugs for the current demand. Empty stocks under control. Slight lack of labour at peak arrivals. Equipment availability at 100%.
  • Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG): Yard stable at 60% - 65%. Reefer plug utilization with sufficient capacity at 50% - 55%. Labour slightly reduced this week.

United Kingdom

  • Southampton Port (SOU): Terminal with good productivity and full availability of equipment resources. Yard increased to 70% - 75% utilization but remains well manageable. Reefer plugs well sufficient at 50% - 55%. Terminal had to stop operation due to high winds but is recovering well.
  • London Gateway Port (LGP): Yard level stands at 50% - 55% utilization. Reefers are at 35% - 40% utilization. Due to the ongoing expansion construction LGP with 20m less pier length minimal impact to operations. Terminal running with full equipment resources available and no operational issues to report. Terminal is open for additional volume.

Hamburg, Germany 

  • Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA): Yard remained high at 75% - 80%. Busy berth line-up throughout the week and the weekend will see the yard remaining in high utilization. River Elbe was closed for larger vessels due to strong winds mid-week. CTA not affected as all vessels could sail.
  • Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB):  Yard stable at 60% - 65%. CTB started extensive berth renovations on berth 1+2. Construction will last for at least 10 weeks. Berth 1+2 will be closed for operations during the construction but can be utilized as a layby pier. No operational impact from the berth works this week. Closure of the river Elbe due to strong winds led to slight delays for larger vessels but terminal has recovered.

G.M.P. Le Havre, France

  • CNMP/GMP/TNMSC: Yard at Terminal de France (GMP) stands unchanged at 55% - 60% on a good operational level. Yard can accommodate additional volume.
  • CNMP yard stands at a good operational level of 50% - 55% utilization and terminal with good operations. Slight delays beginning of the week due to strong winds but terminal recovered quickly and returned to berth on arrival by mid-week.


  • Genoa PSA GP due to yard congestion, the restriction for empty containers gate in is in place to ensure a smoother delivery of import laden containers. Informations related to Vessel cut-offs are always available on the PSAGP web portal

Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa 

  • Greece
    No updates for this week

  • Türkiye
    Port of Mersin is congested with move count restrictions. One vessel will be deployed to connect containers between Tangier, Port Said and Mersin. 
  • Romania
    No updates for this week

Spain / Portugal

  • Portugal - no updates this week
  • Spain - no updates this week

North (Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland)

  • No operational highlights for this week.

Germany & Central Europe

  • Construction work on several rail roads/ bridges could lead to extended transport times
  • Road Closures in Slovakia (Strážske – Michalovce) between July and September 2023. – Longer transit time expected


  • No operational highgliths for this week.


  • No operational highgliths for this week.

United Kingdom/Ireland

  • No updates for this week.

Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa

  • No updates for this week.

Ukraine/Russia updates:

  • Please visit general updates here, and the FAQ in this link.

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Here's an update for Booking Cancellation Window for Region North Europe

We will be amending the time period that a booking may be cancelled without charge.

Currently, the Booking Cancellation Fee (BCF) is charged for any bookings cancelled, reduced, re-booked 4 working days before vessel cut off.

With effect from October 1, 2023, the Booking Cancellation Fee (BCF) in Region North Europe* will be charged to bookings cancelled within 7 calendar days prior to vessel cut off.

*Countries in the scope of Region North Europe include Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, France, Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.


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