User Guide: Contract & Quotation Tab

Please provide a valid quotation or contract number which will be used as the basis for your booking request.

Note: You can create a booking request for your own company or for a company that is defined as contractual party within the quotation or contract.

How to get a contract or quotation with Hapag-Lloyd?

A valid contract or quotation between Hapag-Lloyd and your company is mandatory. Please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office if you do not have this information.

Screen area: Entry of Quotation or Contract number

Entry field: Quotation / Contract No.

Please enter a valid contract or quotation number as provided by Hapag-Lloyd. Afterwards press Find.

Please contact your local Hapag-Lloyd office if you do not have this information.

Screen area: Validity

The validity of the quotation or contract you are about to use as basis for your booking request.

Field: Valid to

The validity of the contract / quotation. It is possible to use contracts / quotations that have already expired.  In this case your local Hapag-Lloyd sales office will contact you after you have submitted your booking request to verify/amend your contract/quotation details.

Field: Contractual Party

Address of the party for which the booking request will be placed.

Screen area: Routing as per Quotation

The Routing will be displayed as per Quotation.

Column: Export Haulage / Import Haulage

The haulage types which will reflect the routing terms.

Possible values are:  Door (Carrier's Haulage), Terminal (Merchant's Haulage) and Ramp (Merchant's Haulage).

Column: Start Location / Port of Loading

The start location and the first port of loading as defined by the quotation.  

Column: Service

The service to which the voyage belongs.

Column: Port of Discharge / End Location

The end location and the last port of discharge as defined by the quotation.

Column: Container Type 1 - 3

The container types (these will be restricted and reflected as per your quotation). Please see our website’s section on our container fleet for further details on container specifications and ISO type group codes.

Button: Select Routing

If your quotation covers more than one routing, please select the one that best fits on your booking request.

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