User Guide: Shipping Instructions: eaSI online

The electronic-advanced Shipping Instructions: eaSI online service provides you with

  • a list of bookings for which a status of documentation creation of the Sea Waybill  or Bill of Lading has already been reached.
  • the possibility to search for a specific booking
  • the possibility to download, complete and submit shipping instructions for your bookings
  • the possibility to access the Shipping Instruction details screen as well as to the Shipment details screen

List of your bookings:

Your bookings are sorted by vessel departure date (ascending). You get an overview for which of  your bookings the shipping instructions need to be submitted to Hapag-Lloyd next. At the columns on the right side you can see the number of Shipping Instructions that are already submitted to Hapag-Lloyd as well as the number of SI-drafts that your company or organization has ccreated for the specific booking.

Note: Only bookings which are not older than 3 months will be displayed.

Download of a new eaSI form:

You can download a PDF-form for your shipping instruction for the respective booking. After filling in the data you can submit  this form online to Hapag-Lloyd. As a result you get an e-mail containing the submission status of your shipping instruction.

Important Note: By default your browser tries to open the PDF-form directly in the browser. But since you need to use the Adobe Reader you should turn off this option in your browser. Please find the instructions for your browser in the following websites: 






Each Hapag-Lloyd Online Business user will only be able to view those bookings in which his / her assigned organisation is involved.
Shipment data is never published to persons / users whose organisation is not involved in the transport.

Online data submission within the eaSI form may require an authentication of the user.

In addition, depending on your authorizations you can get directly to following Online Business services:

If you do not have all authorizations for the services above you can request them via My Account. More information on how to request your authorizations you find within this user guide in the section My Account.

Screen area: Search Criteria

To get directly to a specific booking, provide the booking number of the booking you wish to be displayed and press 'Find'.

To get a list of all your bookings simply press 'Find'.

Your booking(s) will be displayed below if a status of documentation creation of the Sea Waybill or Bill of Lading has already been reached and the booking(s) is (are)  not older than 3 months.

Required format

Booking number:            12345678

Screen area: List of Bookings


Depending on your search criteria you find here your specific booking or all your bookings. Only bookings will be displayed for which the documentation process is not completed yet and the Bill of Lading has not been created. Bookings older than 3 months will not be displayed.


Your bookings will be sorted ascending by the departure date of the first vessel leg.

Column: Vessel Departure

Here you find the planned vessel departure date at the load port of the first vessel leg of your booking.

Column: Document closure

Date until the Shipping Instruction for the booking should have been submitted to Hapag Lloyd.

Column: Vessels

Shows you the vessel names for all voyages within your booking. (Can only be shown for already scheduled vessel legs.)

Column: Port of Discharge / End of Transport

Here you find the last port of discharge in the routing. If you have booked an oncarriage with Hapag-Lloyd you will find here the final destination of the transport.

Column: No. of Shipping Instruction

Shows you the quantity of Shipping Instructions which Hapag-Lloyd has received for the respective booking.
Note: If you send a form to Hapag-Lloyd it may not be shown immediately. It will be added as soon as the data has been reached the Hapag-Lloyd systems successfully.

Column: No. of Drafts

Shows you the quantity of drafts you or another user belonging to the same company / organization as you have created for this booking.

Button: Download New Form

To create a new Shipping Instruction for a specific booking select the respective row and click this button. You will get a form prefilled with booking data. Fill in the remaining data and send the form to Hapag-Lloyd. See more information on how to fill in the form in the Shipping Instruction Form section of the User Guide.

Button: Shipping Instruction Details

To view the details of the Shipping Instructions for a specific booking, like Bill of Lading number, receiving date and submission channel, select the respective row and click this button.

Button: Shipment Details

To view details for a specific booking select the respective row and click this button.

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