At the Invoices section we provide you the ability to download invoices. You can display a list of invoices by using the various search criteria. You can then download the desired invoice as a PDF-file.

You will only be able to see your own invoices. These are invoices for bookings in which your company is involved as freight payer.

Screen area: Search criteria

Enter one or more search criteria to display your list of invoices. If you leave all search fields empty, you will get a complete list of your new invoices.

Entry Fields: Start Location / End Location

Enter here the UN-LoCode (Location code).

Sections: Show Invoices / Show Kind

Here you can decide whether you want to see your new invoices or all invoices. ‘New’ invoices are the ones that have not been downloaded by you yet.
You can also decide whether you like to view your invoices only or also your credit notes.

Screen area: List of invoices


Here you find the list of your invoices. Amongst others it contains:

Column: Invoice Date

Date of invoice and upload date of the invoice to the web server.

Column: Kind

Kind of document. Possible values are

  • Invoice
  • Credit note.

Column: Amount

Positive figures indicate invoice amounts, negative amounts indicate credit notes.

Column: Type

Shows you the type of your invoice. Possible values are

  • Original
  • Copy.

Column: Comments

If you have any comments on your invoice you may send an e-mail to the Hapag-Lloyd staff member having created the invoice by clicking on the comment 'Mail to Hapag-Lloyd'.

Button: Download

By selecting a row you have the possibility to download the invoice.

Your invoices are available for download right after the Hapag-Lloyd Customer Service has arranged the upload to the Hapag-Lloyd web server. To be informed if your invoices are ready for download you can also apply for an appropriate e-mail notification. Just send your request by e-mail to your local Hapag-Lloyd office or via the link in the ‘Comments’ column.

The relevant trigger for payment in due time is the date of the individual freight invoice and not the date of the web download!

All invoices remain available for 60 days starting from the date of upload by the Hapag-Lloyd Customer Service.

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