User Guide: Dangerous Goods Details

The Dangerous Goods screen shows you detailed information about your hazardous cargo.

In the upper section, you will find general information about the selected container, its cargo,  and the voyage.
In the lower section, you will find the more detailed, US-specific dangerous goods information.

The Dangerous Goods Details screen can be reached via the Import Overview page and via the Shipment Details page.

Screen area: DG Details

IMO Classes

Here you find the IMO Classes, which specify the risks of your cargo. Those are recorded in the 'International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code' (IMDG-CODE). The number corresponds to one of the nine classes of dangerous goods (according to legal requirements for the transporting of dangerous goods by sea).


Shows you the unique serial number assigned within the United Nations to substances and articles contained in a list of the dangerous goods most commonly carried.

Packing group

Here you find the packing group of your cargo. Packing group 1 indicates the most dangerous materials of a dangerous goods class, packing group 3 the least dangerous.


Temperature of a liquid at which its vapour forms an ignitable mixture with air.
It gives a measure of the risk of formation of explosure or ignitable mixtures when the liquid escapes from its packing. A flammable liquid cannot be ignited so long as its temperature remains below the flashpoint.

Marine Pollutant

This flag shows you if the material would pollute sea water.

Limited Quantity

This field indicates that your dangerous cargo is shipped as 'Limited Quantity' according to IMDG-Code chapter 3.1.

Aggregation state

Indicates the aggregation state of the commodity.

Emergency Measures No.

Here you can find the Emergency Schedule number.

Emergency Tel. No.

Here you can find the Emergency telephone number in case of danger.

Screen area: North America Details

NA No.

U.S. material identification number.


Standard Transportation Commodity code. U.S. railroads emergency response regulation code.


Emergency Response Guide Number for inland carriage. This number is valid for the U.S., Canada and Mexiko.

Poisonous Inhalation Zone

Hazard zone to further qualify poisonous inhalation hazard.


Emergency Response Assessment Plan.

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